Past: Politics of Charm

20 - 29 October 2022

Cicek Gallery delighted to present its first collective art exhibition ‘Politics of Charm: Women, BAME, Queers and Progress’ in 13 Soho Square, London. The exhibition was held between 20th-29th October 2022. ‘Politics of Charm’ will display original artworks from Abi Joy Samuel, Alla Samarina, Annam Butt, Berfin Cicek, Fia Yang, Kay Gasei and Naila Hazell.

The show brought together seven artists of different ethnic minority groups, with majority being women and from the LGBTQ+ community, in a bid to blend out the imbalances in the art world. For centuries, artists from BAME, female and LGBTQ+ communities have been brushed underneath the carpet. This show is aimed to disrupt the old-fashioned construct of art institutions and bring a breath of fresh air. Each artists works are in conversation with each other to showcase their contrasting styles, highlighting each other’s beauty and finding resonance in their differences. Almost a reflection of London under one roof, the charm each artist pours onto the canvases from their unique cultures, upbringings and experiences is a progress, driving more awareness to broader voices, which in turn increases the richness in our world. From abstract, figurative, cubism to classical – our artists will take you on a vibrant cosmopolitan journey from mythical references to orientalism.
We are proud to announce our Main Sponsor of the exhibition is Simmons & Simmons – a global law firm committed to diversity and celebrating art from blue chip to emerging artists since the 80s.

A special thanks to our sponsors of the events – Zavi Restaurant, Dalston’s Soda, Nice Drinks, CanO Water, Moth Cocktails, Siren Craft Beer Brewery.