Past: All Great Ideas Start in a Garage

9 - 15 October 2023

Cicek Gallery is back in Soho with the new exhibition ‘All Great Ideas Start in a Garage’ in a converted garage from 09 – 15 October!


“All Great Ideas Start in a Garage” shows how a magnitude of innovation and creativity often emerges from humble beginnings. From Microsoft to Nirvana, so many iconic cultural concepts originated in the unassuming space of a converted garage. Through a diverse array of artworks, this exhibition illustrates that creative journey of transformation from the initial sparks of imagination to the eventual realisation of an unique vision, exploring the relationship between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


At this show during Frieze week we will display stunning art works by the artists: Abi Joy Samuel, Alla Samarina, Annam Butt, Berfin Cicek, Conor Quinn, Emma O’Rourke, Fía Yang, Naila Hazell.


Our founder and artist Berfin Cicek will collaborate with guest fashion designer Laura Pitharas, creating a unique art piece live on site on a LP suit, which will only be on display during the private view.