Naila Hazell

Naila Hazell (b.1981) is a British Azeri artist based in London. She was taught by renowned Soviet social realism painter Boyukagha Mirzezade, while studying fine arts and getting her MA at the Azerbaijani Fine Arts Academy.


Hazell had numerous solo and group shows in Baku. She’s currently based in her studio in West London where she continues to paint. As a figurative artist, working mainly in oils, she focuses her practice with different media for some of her conceptual art projects. Hazell is passionate in her exploration of the stillness to be found in short precious moments, which can be seen instantly throughout one’s life yet, also be ignored and lost in the hassle of life. Her paintings transform those unconscious moments to create conscious reminiscences that can be activated by every viewer. The diversity of the deep colours and structures around her figures can lead viewers to many dimensional connections.


Her paintings capture pure moments in ‘ordinary’ life, extruding the depth of hidden realities within life onto the surface of the canvas and offer an acceptance of who we are.